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Training Your Animal Forms – Capturing the Spirit of the Bird

I remember the first time I was instructed to fight like an animal, and I have to admit, it felt rather goofy. We were sparring in class and as a fun drill Sifu Kevin would call out an animal for us to imitate. No matter what he called out, you tried to fight that way! And some of the animal… Read more »

Martial Arts: A Medium for Change

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Every one of us has a personal story; a journey we’re each walking. As such, many martial artists have their own reasons for beginning their training. I was recently confronted with the question – “What made you want to start martial arts?” Well, I decided to begin my martial arts journey in January of 2012. Life wasn’t easy for me,… Read more »

Working Through Negativity

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Training to become a better martial artist is not easy work. As our instructor always tells us, “If it was easy they’d sell it at Wal-Mart!” And as we all know, we cannot simply enter a store and buy flexibility, strength, or endurance. We can’t purchase martial arts and instantly become a master after check out. There are many obstacles… Read more »