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Because It’s Fun!

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I spend a lot of time thinking. A lot of time. It is the heaviest, sharpest double-edged sword in my life. On the one hand, it provides me the skills to live a fairly comfortable, “successful” life – creative-yet-technical thinking and analysis is handy when your job is technical support of complicated software systems. On the other hand, I am… Read more »

A Good Fit

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Guest post by Fingerlakes Shaolin-Do student, Jim Bosjolie, pictured right. I like Kung Fu. It is precise and it “grows” with the student – it starts fairly simply but it constantly challenges you, increasing in complexity as the student becomes more skilled. But, for me, the greatest appeal is that it attacks my lack of coordination, something with which I… Read more »

The Martial Artists We Dream of Being

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Guest post by Fingerlakes Shaolin-Do student, Kavi Rude. “I am not prepared for this moment. Me, a divine martial master with everything this world has to offer and more, stilled by the weight of a single feeling. I have achieved perfect knowledge of myself and my enemy, with a single thought I can dispel any intention. Elements answer my call… Read more »

A Personal Journey

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In my second week of training at Fingerlakes Shaolin Do, I walked into class and felt the very great relief of finding another new student starting that day. Here I was, in shorts and a t-shirt, surrounded by uniforms and belts of various colors, and feeling very awkward in my attempts at something entirely new; it was a true comfort… Read more »

‘Teach Me’

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  Many consider the Beginner student, the White Belt in our system, to be the lowest rank. They consider this rank as┬ásynonymous with any average person on the street. After all, the Beginner hasn’t developed any martial skill or begun to delve into the secrets of Shaolin. In a fight, the Beginner cannot call upon the years of experience and… Read more »