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2012 Spring Seminar

Saturday, March 17, 2012 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Lexington Catholic High School
2250 Clays Mills Road
Lexington, KY 40503

Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé will be teaching another white crane form and three more tiger forms at his spring seminar! In the morning session, he will cover, The Flying Crane (99 postures). This beautiful form’s movements simulate the crane attacking while flying. Then in the afternoon session, he will cover three tiger forms – Tiger Pa Kua (15 moves), Tiger Kangth Kua – Tiger Chopping Pa Kua (43 moves), and Tiger 2-Man Set!

There are no prerequisites for learning this material so everyone should be there. Show your support and thanks to Grandmaster Sin Thé for agreeing to continue to teach so many wonderful kata at one seminar!

Registration for this event can be done in advance or at the door. If you are planning on attending, contact Sifu Kevin as soon as possible. There is a significant discount for pre-registration!

18 January 2011

Drunken Immortal Seminars!

In preparation for Grandmaster Sin Thé teaching the next drunken immortal form at his seminar in September, Elder Master Leonard has decided to offer seminars on each of the five drunken immortal forms that have already been taught.

The seminars will start in April, meeting on the second Saturday of each month at 12:00 PM in Lexington, Kentucky at the Sin The Gym. The schedule will be as follows:

  • April 9th — He Siang Ku (the female drunk) with Master Bev Razor
  • May 14th — Chou Kuo Chu (the acrobatic drunk) with Master Ben Collins
  • June 11th — Li Tie Kuai (the crippled drunk) with Master Scott Frasure
  • July 9th — Lan Chai He (the flexible drunk) with Master Joe Harmon
  • August 13th — Siang Chung Li (the stomping drunk) with Master Tony Gray

The seminars can be purchased as a package for $250 for all five, or you can purchase them individually for $75 each. The registration forms are available on the Shaolin-Do Association site. Our school will be making a trip down for at least one of these seminars. Any and all of you are welcome to come! Sifu Kevin and Thom have yet to decide which one. More details to follow once we have decided!

20 August 2010

An important update from the Shaolin-Do Association:

"Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé has announced that he will be teaching a series of white crane and tiger forms over his next four seminars! At his fall seminar in Lexington, KY on September 19th, he will cover, Chung He, The Shaking Crane (77 moves) and two tiger forms — San Chan, Three Battles (37 moves) and, U Chi, Five Foundations (16 moves). Every move of these forms is combined with Chi and Will. They are designed solely to increase your Hua Ching power. They were created 300 years ago by the grandmasters of the white crane and tiger systems and they are the starting points of both of those systems."

Be sure to download a preregistration form, fill it out and get it to Sifu Kevin or Thom as soon as possible. We will mail them all in together.

7 August 2010

The annual Shaolin-Do Association Fall Gathering is scheduled to be held in Lexington on the weekend of September 18th. Grandmaster will also teach a seminar during the Gathering weekend. Thus far, he has not revealed what he is teaching but anything he teaches is worth the trip. I want to make the trip with a large group of our students to show support for Grandmaster and the SDA. So far, five of you are scheduled to go. This event is open to students of all ranks. If you are interested in the trip, talk to either Sifu Kevin or Thom in class. Final reservations for the trip need to be made by 16 August so that hotel room reservations can be made.

These trips to Kentucky are always a great time. The experiences you will have and the lessons you will learn will stay with you for a lifetime. Ask your fellow students who have been the Lexington in the past. And take note that ALL of them are going on the trip! That says a LOT. Don't miss out on a fantastic trip!

1 April 2010

As of today Fingerlakes Shaolin-Do is now listed as an SDA school on the SDA website. To check in out go to and peruse the school listings and new school map.

31 March 2010

Master Leonard is offering his summer seminar this year on 15 May at the Sin Thé Gym in Lexington, KY. He will be teaching Five Tigers Slaughter the Lamb Broadsword. If you are interested in going you can view the registration details here.

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