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Training Your Animal Forms – Capturing the Spirit of the Bird

I remember the first time I was instructed to fight like an animal, and I have to admit, it felt rather goofy. We were sparring in class and as a fun drill Sifu Kevin would call out an animal for us to imitate. No matter what he called out, you tried to fight that way! And some of the animal… Read more »

Because It’s Fun!

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I spend a lot of time thinking. A lot of time. It is the heaviest, sharpest double-edged sword in my life. On the one hand, it provides me the skills to live a fairly comfortable, “successful” life – creative-yet-technical thinking and analysis is handy when your job is technical support of complicated software systems. On the other hand, I am… Read more »

A Personal Journey

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In my second week of training at Fingerlakes Shaolin Do, I walked into class and felt the very great relief of finding another new student starting that day. Here I was, in shorts and a t-shirt, surrounded by uniforms and belts of various colors, and feeling very awkward in my attempts at something entirely new; it was a true comfort… Read more »

Time and Effort

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It is the middle of March and that means Kentucky Trip time! Twice a year, every year, we gather up a group of students and make the pilgrimage to Lexington, Kentucky to attend a seminar with our Grandmaster. These trips are always loads of fun. Twelve hours crammed in a van with a bunch of Kung Fu students sounds like… Read more »