Meet our Instructors!

    Kevin Harris

    Head Instructor

    Sifu Kevin Harris began his training in 2003. He studied under Master Ben Bender of the Austin Shaolin-Do School while Master Ben was attending Cornell University. As the senior student, Kevin took over instruction of the local group when his teacher moved back to Texas and he has been growing the school ever since. Sifu Kevin’s personal martial arts philosophy revolves around creating a supportive environment for his students and helping each of them reach their own highest potential. He sees his martial art as a transformative force which can, when applied, bring about a powerful change in the lives of his students. Sifu Kevin invests himself passionately in the lessons he teaches and gives special consideration to the direction each student takes in their martial arts education.

    Sifu Kevin continues to study and grow as a student himself. He travels several times a year to the Washington, DC school to train under his teacher Sifu Maiky Tran of Shirlington Shaolin-Do.

        Jonathan Howe

        Assistant Instructor/School Manager

        Jonathan has been studying martial arts extensively since 2006. Martial arts are a vital part of Jonathan’s life, giving him the opportunity to constantly find new challenges to overcome. He is a committed and impassioned practitioner whose spirit and willpower help him to achieve his goals and progress in his training. Martial arts have taught Jonathan that with some dedication and perseverance anything is possible; this is a lesson he always strives to pass along. Jonathan has been teaching at Fingerlakes Shaolin-Do since 2014. He is a passionate instructor who aims to help students understand that anything can be accomplished with hard-work, self-discipline, and a strong will.

            Sarah Ambe

            Assistant Instructor

            Sarah has been practicing Kung Fu since 2009, and for her Kung Fu is a lifetime study. She is an Ithaca native and as such has adopted many “Ithacan” attitudes towards the world – conscientiousness and kindness in all facets of daily living. Shaolin-Do has taught her many things, not the least of which is “Mastery through time and effort”. This idea has always resonated particularly strongly for Sarah, not only in her martial arts practice, but for all aspects of her life. She strives to live harmoniously in as many aspects of her life as she is able, and has found that her study of martial arts only enriches her life as a whole. It promotes harmony in all things.

            She is an inveterate reader and a crazy cat lady.

              Symphony Howe

              Assistant Instructor

              Symphony has been studying Shaolin Kung Fu at Fingerlakes Shaolin-Do since 2012. She is a dedicated martial artist who is passionate about what she does and strives to learn and understand all she can. Shaolin is a fierce martial art that teaches the student sufficient martial application, but Symphony believes it instills much more than that: Shaolin teaches one how to find an inner balance and gives the student the tools to build confidence that transfers to all aspects of life. Symphony has been teaching at Fingerlakes Shaolin-Do since receiving her black belt, and takes joy in sharing all that Shaolin-Do has to offer.

                  Hannah Wirth

                  Assistant Instructor

                  Hannah has been studying at Fingerlakes Shaolin-Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi since 2012, and teaching at the school since receiving her black belt in 2015.  Over the years, Hannah has learned a good deal about martial arts and has come to realize that applying oneself gives the power to advance in many ways. She’s known, since starting, that Kung Fu and Tai Chi improves physical fitness and strength, but she has also found that martial arts help develop an inner strength, allowing one to accomplish things they had once thought not possible. Hannah takes pride in teaching others the art of Kung Fu and helping them find their own inner strength.