Adult Curriculum

Shaolin-Do Curriculum

White Belt

Tan Family Leg Techniques, Short Forms 1-10
Sparring Techniques 1-10
Chin Na (seize and hold) 1-15

Yellow Belt

Tan Family Leg Techniques, Short Forms 11-15
Chin Na 16-20
Se Men Tao Lian (Four Directions Reversibly)
Fei Hu Ch’u Tung (Flying Tiger Comes Out of the Cave)
Basic Staff Swings
One-Step Fighting Techniques 1-9

Blue Belt

Tan Family Leg Techniques, Short Forms 16-22
Sparring Techniques 11-15
Street fighting one-step 1-10
Tai Peng Sin Kun (Giant Eagle Spreads the Wings)
Chu Chi Kuen Su (Beginner Staff Form)
Er Chi Kuen (Two Sticks Connected) swings 1-8
Chin Na 21-25

Green Belt

Tan Family Leg Techniques, Short Forms 23-30
Sparring techniques 16-20
Chin Na 26-30
Er Chie Kuen (Two Sticks Connected) swings 9-16
Bei Huang Chi Gai Pang (Stick of the Northern Beggar)
Luohan Chuan (Luohan Boxing)

Brown 3rd degree

Open Hand

White Crane system forms:
Bai He Chuan Tsu (White Crane Circles the Wings)
Bai He Chan Tsu (White Crane Jabs the Wings)
Bai He Chuan Chiao (White Crane Circles the Legs)

San Yi Chuan (Three Method Fist)


Je Qu Ba Huang Dao (Night Battle Broadsword)

Brown 2nd degree

Open Hand

Shaolin Bird system forms:
Luo Tien (Descent from Heaven)
Chan Ie (Spread the Feathers)
Yin He (Performing Dove)


Tie Cha Chuan  (Iron Rulers)
Se Pa Kuen (Four Eight Staff)

Brown 1st degree

Open Hand

Tiger system background forms:
Xiang Wu Zhang (Five Direction Palm)
Xi Quan (Interconnecting Fist)
Ching Kang Fu Hu Chien (Golden Hero Subdues the Mountain Tiger)


Hai Long Bang (Sea Dragon Cane)
Guan Gong Dao (General Guan’s “Knife”)

1st Degree Black Belt and Above

The curriculum at black belt ranks is available upon successful completion of training and rank testing.