Kids Curriculum

Kids’ Curriculum

The Kids’ Curriculum is generally intended for kids between the ages of five to seven years old. Students follow the Kids’ Curriculum until they complete the Junior Yellow Belt (Yellow Belt with Five Stripes), at which point we will likely suggest that the student move to the Youth Curriculum.

This curriculum is also available to download as a PDF here.

White Belt/Yellow Stripe (expected time = 2-3 weeks)

Horse Stance, Bow (and arrow) Stance, Front Kick, Side Kick

Yellow Stripe to Blue Stripe (expected time = 2-3 weeks)

Cat Stance, Round House Kick, Proper Shaolin-Do Salute

Blue Stripe to Green Stripe (expected time = 2-3 weeks)

5 junior techniques. Either 1-5 or 6-10.

Green Stripe to Brown Stripe (expected time = 2-3 weeks)

5 Junior Techniques. The remaining set from 1-10

Brown Stripe to Black Stripe (expected tine = 2-3 weeks)

5 Adult level sparring techniques. Either 1-5 or 6-10

Black Stripe to Junior Yellow Belt (expected time = 2-3 weeks)

Remaining 5 techniques from sparring techniques 1-10

Junior Yellow with Various Stripes (about 4 months)

Each stripe requires learning and testing on two Short Katas. These are by far the most difficult for the children to learn. They will take roughly 3 weeks for each set of two katas and then take one month after seeing all 10 (yellow with black stripe belt) to put the sequence together and review their 10 sparring techniques . Their test will cover everything thus learned in the Kid’s Program.