Meet our Instructors!

Kevin Harris

Sifu Kevin Harris began his training in 2003. He studied under Master Ben Bender of the Austin Shaolin-Do School while Master Ben was attending Cornell University. As the senior student, Kevin took over instruction of the local group when his teacher moved back to Texas and he has been growing the school ever since. Sifu Kevin’s personal martial arts philosophy revolves around creating a supportive environment for his students and helping each of them reach their own highest potential. He sees his martial art as a transformative force which can, when applied, bring about a powerful change in the lives of his students. Sifu Kevin invests himself passionately in the lessons he teaches and gives special consideration to the direction each student takes in their martial arts education.

Dan Barrow
School Manager, Instructor
Symphony Howe

Symphony has been studying Shaolin Kung Fu at Fingerlakes Shaolin-Do since 2012. She is a dedicated martial artist who is passionate about what she does and strives to learn and understand all she can. Shaolin is a fierce martial art that teaches the student sufficient martial application, but Symphony believes it instills much more than that: Shaolin teaches one how to find an inner balance and gives the student the tools to build confidence that transfers to all aspects of life. Symphony has been teaching at Fingerlakes Shaolin-Do since receiving her black belt, and takes joy in sharing all that Shaolin-Do has to offer.

Katelyn Carney